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A little history will tell you how Christ Lutheran came to be. To promote Christian teaching and practice in the Lutheran tradition in this area, a young seminarian by the name of Fred Feinsinger, who was supported by two large Lutheran congregations in Boston, led canvass and door-knocking efforts, beginning in 1937. The congregation incorporated in 1941 and purchased property at 597 Belmont Street. The church building was constructed and dedicated in 1949. The congregation began the Nursery School in 1950.

From a membership high of 250, Christ Lutheran began a new congregation for many who were coming from further west, and thus gave birth to Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Bedford in 1958. About 100 persons transferred to the new start.

In 1972 the church purchased its excellent tracker pipe organ, build by Hutchins-Votey of Boston in 1901, from the Trappist monastery in Spencer, MA. Twice a month professional organists come to play the 9 a.m. Sunday service on this fine instrument. On other Sundays guitarists lead the singing.

In 1978 the congregation ended its membership in the nationwide Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to pursue more ecumenical ties with other Christian communities of faith in the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches (AELC). In 1988 the AELC merged with two other Lutheran bodies to form the 5.1-million member Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). But the growing power of bishops over congregational polity forced the congregation and its pastor to leave the ELCA in 2002, to become a free and independent evangelical Lutheran congregation dedicated to providing needed services to our local communities.

Into the future, Christ Lutheran is always looking for ways to better serve the communities around it. We endeavor to be friendly, welcoming people among whom the Spirit of God is evident to lead people into deeper knowledge, faith and trust in the Savior, Jesus Christ. If you have a suggestion about how we can apply our considerable resources to meet a need, please don't hesitate to contact us about it.